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How invitees will be notified about a meeting?
How invitees will be notified about a meeting?
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Once new customer is added to the event, or if new customer books the event from the store, Servv will automatically send the email notification to the guest including all the event details.

Also, the email will contain the "Meeting ID", and "Join the event" link where invitees can join the event with just one click. Moreover, there will be different options to add the event to your calendar.

To confirm if the customer has received the event details, store merchants can also RESEND the email to the customer using following steps:

Step 1: To resend the email, sign in to Zoom website and go to Meetings. Select the event for which confirmation email is to be sent.


Step 2: Next, go to Registration option in the bottom (This option will be available for paid Zoom account). Edit the Registrants.


Step 3: Go to Approved Registrants and select the Registrant from the list and Resend confirmation email.


The customers will receive the email including the LINK to Zoom call and other event details with google calendar attachment.

Also, customer can cancel the registration through this email and store merchants will be notified through email about the cancellation. Similarly, if any changes is made to the event or event is deleted, the customer will receive another email with the updates.

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