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How to add events and recordings in collections?
How to add events and recordings in collections?
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You can add events created by Servv to the collections you want. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  1. Login to your Shopify account.

  2. Select the option "Products" and then "Collection". You will see one collection in the list by default.

  3. Select the option "Create Collection" provided in the top right corner of the window.

  4. Next, enter the title and description on the top. In the bottom, select the option "Automated" and provide the conditions.
    While choosing condition, make sure you select the option "Product Vendor" and choose the option SERVV_EVENT_ZOOM from the drop down.
    (You can choose "Manual" option as well if you have more than one collections and want to add specific events to particular collection)

  5. Save the options. After saving the options you will see an option to "update your menu" will appear on the right side. Select the option to update the menu of your online store.

  6. Next, you will be redirected to "Navigation" page. Choose the option "Main menu" from the list.

  7. In the "Main menu" page, select the option "Add menu item" provided in the bottom.

  8. In the new window, select the option "Link" and then choose the option "Collections" from the list. After that, select the name of the Collection you want to add to your menu.

  9. The collection details will be added to the fields provided. Click on "Add" button.

  10. The Collection name will be added to the Menu items list. Now, save menu.

  11. Next, to view the new collection added to your online store, select the "view icon" provided on the right side of the "Online Store" option in the left navigation bar.

  12. In your online store you can see the new collection has been added to the menu and all your Servv events has been added to this new collection automatically.

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