What is Servv.ai?
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Servv enables store owners to connect with customers using their digital communication intelligence platform. With Servv, store owners will be able to provide a more personalized customer experience which will result in increased profitability and reduced cost to businesses. There is no longer a need for in person interactions because the world is now digital, and we make it easier for merchants to adapt to it.

Servv enables you to create online events with Zoom and help you generate more revenue through your online stores. You can now connect with your store customers digitally and provide them service from any part of the world. From online yoga class to the virtual home tours, any business can benefit from this smart product by removing distance barriers.

Installation Requirement:

  1. Must have a Shopify online store

  2. Must have a Zoom account (Paid Zoom account is required to enable events booking)

  3. Must have a Google gmail account

One Click Integration:

  1. Open Servv app in your Shopify account.

  2. Go to Settings page and connect your Zoom and Google account.

  3. Start creating your Zoom events directly from Servv dashboard.

Calendar Widget:

With Servv you can add calendar widget to your online store where all your events will show up to your store customers and they can easily book the upcoming events through the widget. To enable calendar widget follow the steps mentioned in the article How to add Calendar widget to the online store?

Email notifications:

Servv offers automated email notification service where the store customers will receive the email automatically once they book the event. The email will include all the information related to the event. To know more about email notification refer to the article Automate email notifications to the customers.

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