How to create Bundle Product?
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Bundle product allows you to sell multiple virtual and in-person events as a single product.

To create a bundle product, follow the steps below:

1. Go to your Servv dashboard, click on "Products->Create-> Bundle" option

2. Provide title, short description, price and quantity.

NOTE: Bundle product and online or in-person quantities should be same.

3. Add online events and in-person you want to include in this bundle product.


4. Now, you can see created bundle product is visible in your events widget.


Bundles widget settings are available under event widget settings. Please navigate to "Settings -> Widgets" section. Under Event Widget, to show events widgets as well as bundle widget select the both options and if you want to hide any of the widget you can uncheck that particular box.

Whenever a customer look into your store you can select the default widget you want to show in your store.


There are additional settings available for bundles settings:

1. To show included events list in collapsed view -> Select first option

2. To show included events list in expanded view -> Select second option

3. To hide included events list -> Select third option

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