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How to activate Servv Pricing plan after install
How to activate Servv Pricing plan after install
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After you install Servv app from the Shopify App Marketplace, you will need to select the pricing plan. You will be able to access all the features of the activated plan during the free trial.

Steps to activate pricing plan are as follow:

1. Install and open the Servv app. You will be redirected to the pricing page at first. Choose one of the plans and click on "Activate" button.

2. In your pricing page you will see your chosen plan will get activated. If you wish to continue with the plan, you will need to reactivate the subscription or your services will be stopped.

When you will reactivate the plan, you will be charged for the first time.

How to track free trial dates?
You can easily keep a track of your free trial through your Shopify account.


What will happen if I choose to switch plan before free trial ends?

However, if you choose to switch to another plan before your free trial ends, you will be charged instantly for the new plan.

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