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The Servv customer support operates 24x7 to support our customers all over the world. Since large number of businesses are now moving and growing their businesses online, Servv offers online resources, email support and call support to its customers.

Following is the Support process for Servv customers:

  • For all the customers, we offer unrestricted access to our online resources.

  • For Basic+ and All Star Plan customers, we offer normal business hour email access to Support Associates

  • For Enterprise plan customers, we offer 24/7 phone, email, and chat access to Cloud Engineers .

Support tickets are classified according to the following priority levels:

  • Urgent: If the service is down or degraded due to fault with the network or other software issue. Servv will provide necessary resources to resolve this situation.

  • Medium: If a customer requires information or assistance with app installation or configuration with little or no effect on its business operations. Servv will guide the customers accordingly.

  • Low: If there is some feature request or app improvement request by a customer.

According to priority levels, Target response time for a support ticket will be as follow:

  • Urgent: 3 Hour

  • Medium: 12 Hours

  • Low: 24 Hours

NOTE: Target response time will be the time when a customer will receive the first response from the Servv team in concern to the support ticket sent by the customer.

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