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Servv Pricing Plan - Updated on Jul 21, 2023
Servv Pricing Plan - Updated on Jul 21, 2023
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We are striving hard to provide an exceptional experience to our customers, and this means that at times we need to adjust our pricing structures.

Servv app's current pricing plans are: Free, Pay-as-you-go and Enterprise. Please note all previous plans (e.g . Growth, Basic, Basic+, Standard, Star, All Star, Business and Super Star) have been decommissioned. Current pricing plans are effective as of Jul 21, 2023 and will only apply to new registrations. The current pricing plans can be viewed here:

Enterprise: The Enterprise plan will allow users to create unlimited products, bookings and recurring events as well. Please contact us for pricing for Enterprise plan.

For up-to-date information on Pricing plan and it's features, please refer to Servv pricing page within the app under "Settings -> Pricing" section.

We have made several improvements to Servv over the past few months and are busy adding more exciting features in upcoming releases. We are sure our customers will benefit from upcoming features. If you have any questions regarding these features, please contact support at

Thank you for your ongoing use and support of Servv app.

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