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How to create Virtual or In-Person Appointments?
How to create Virtual or In-Person Appointments?
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To create Virtual or In-Person Appointments, follow the steps below:

1. In the Servv app, click on the "Products->Create" button in the navigation bar. Next, select the option "Virtual Appointment" or "In-Person Appointment" from the panel.

2. Create Virtual or In-Person Appointment panel will open, you need to enter following details:

  1. Title: Title of the appointment

  2. Description: Details of the appointment

  3. Time Zone: Time Zone of the location where appointment is created

  4. Schedule: Date and Time when event will take place

  5. Price (optional): Charges for booking and attending the appointment

  6. Duration: For how long the event will take place

  7. Add to Google Calendar: Add the event to google calendar for the reminder

  8. Question: Create custom questions for your customers.

  9. Recurrence: Decide whether your event will be one-time or recurring.

3. Further, you can select filters as per requirement while you are creating the appointment. Following settings have been provided.

4. Once you enter the appointment details and select the appointment filters, you can create the appointment by selecting "Save" option in the top right of the panel. You will receive the notifications stating your appointment has been created and added to calendar.

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