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How to cancel the customer's Virtual Appointment?
How to cancel the customer's Virtual Appointment?
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To cancel the appointment, customers will have to contact the store and the store admin has to cancel the appointment manually through Servv app. Servv do not support automatic appointment cancellation through customers yet.

To cancel the appointment, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to "Appointments" page in the Servv app. With the list of appointments you will see option to edit the individual appointment. Edit the appointment for which you want to cancel the time slot.

  2. The "Update Appointment" panel will open. From the "Guest List" pick the name and email id of the customer and click on "delete" icon. You will see two options: Yes and No.
    Select "Yes" option.

  3. You will see that customer's name will be removed from the list. Click on "Submit" button and save the changes.

  4. Now "view" the appointment and you will see that the customer name has been removed and the time slot has been moved to the available time slots list.

  5. In your store, you will see that the both date and time slot are now available for other customers visiting your store.


Please Note: NO automated email will be sent to the customers once you remove their name from the guest list. You will have to send the email manually to the customers after cancelling their virtual appointment.

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