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How to enable registrations for Appointments?
How to enable registrations for Appointments?
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When you create Event or Appointment in Servv, you have to make sure that registrations are open for your Event or Appointments. To enable registrations please follow the instructions below:

  1. Connect your Paid zoom account with Servv app because with free zoom account you cannot enable registrations.
    You can refer to the Zoom article - for more information.

  2. Check if "Registration" is enabled in your Zoom account. To enable registration follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Zoom account. Go to Meetings, and from the list of meetings, select the option “Edit”.

  • There you need to turn on the registration and save the changes. This will be applied to all the meetings that you will create further.


3. Also, make sure that the customer can only check out using email. Follow the steps below to enable this action.

  • First, go to your store settings > Checkout.

  • Next, go to "Customer contact" section and select the option "customers can only check out using email".


Once you enable registrations, customers will start getting registered to the Events and Appointments.

Once they book event or appointment, they will receive an email with zoom link in their inbox. To enable automatic email notification you can refer to the following article:

You can also manage event registrants from the app. Refer to the following article for the instructions:

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