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What are the fields in Create Appointment panel?
What are the fields in Create Appointment panel?
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To create a virtual appointment, you need to select "Create" option and then "Virtual Appointment" option in the Servv app. The "create appointment" panel will open displaying the following fields required for creating the appointment.

  1. Title: Name of the appointment.

  2. Time Zone: Select the time zone of the location where appointment is scheduled.

  3. Schedule: What time the first appointment will start. This specifies the start time of the first appointment slot.

  4. Price (optional): Cost of booking the appointment.

  5. Password (optional): Set zoom meeting password for the appointment registrants.

  6. Total Duration: Total time the host is available for an appointment. This specifies the end time of the last appointment slot. If the host is available from 10am - 5pm then total duration will be 420 minutes.

  7. Slot Duration: Time duration of each appointment slot.

  8. Description: Appointments details for the store customers.

  9. Guest List: List of all the registrants who has booked the appointment slots. As the customers book the available appointment slot, their name and email will be added to the list.

  10. Event Filters: Choose the filters you want to add to the appointment.

  11. Event Settings: Select the Zoom settings as per your requirement.

  12. Recurring Event: Select this option if you want to repeat the same appointment for a particular number of days. You can repeat the appointment daily, weekly or monthly.

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