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You can manage individual registrant for your event through the Servv app or through your Zoom account.

Managing registrants through Servv app:
Once the event has been created , you can view your event and check the "Guests lists" to see how many have registered with your event.

  1. Go to "Event" (online or in-person) page in the Servv app.

  2. You will be able to view all your event details. Also, you can view the details of the registrants who have registered with your event. You can view Name, Email and Join link for each registrant.

Managing registrants through Zoom account:
You can also manage the registrants for each event through your Zoom account. You can resend email notifications, approve registrants or remove registrant through your Zoom account.

  1. Sign in to your Zoom account. (Sign in to same Zoom account which has been connected to Servv app)

  2. Go to Meetings and you will see all your upcoming events that have been created through Servv app.

  3. Select the event for which you want to manage the registrants.

  4. As you scroll down to the event details, you will see an option to Manage Attendees. Select "Edit" option provided in the right side.

  5. There you will see three tabs. Select the "Approved" option and you will see the list of registrants who have registered with your event. You can select the individual registrant or group of registrants and resend the confirmation email to them. Also, you can cancel the registration of a particular registrant if required.


NOTE: Only paid Zoom accounts allow you to add registrants to your events. Please make sure you have connected your paid Zoom account with the Servv app.

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