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How to move your event (product) to separate collection?
How to move your event (product) to separate collection?
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There could some scenarios when you do not want your event/appointment to be shown with other events/appointments. You would like to move your event/appointment to certain (dedicated) collection.

In that case you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Login to your Shopify Store and go to "All Products" page. There you will see all the products that have been created while you created the events in Servv app. Browse the event you want to make private. In the event you can view the collection name where the event is showing in your online store. (In this example, event is showing in the collection named "Virtual Events").

  2. Next, go to "Collections" page from the Shopify navigation bar. You will see list of collections present in your store. Select the collection where the event is added. The collection settings will open. As you scroll down you will see all the events listed in the collection.

  3. Copy the title (name) of the event which you want to make private. Now go to "conditions" section.
    Enter the condition: Product title - is not equal to - Event name.
    (In this example, we want to make "Zumba Session at 09 Dec 20 17:00 EST" private)
    Save the changes.

  4. Now you can check the list of events given under collection. The selected event will disappear from the list of events.

  5. Next go to Collections and create new collection. Add the event to that collection.

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