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How to add a Booking Page to your store?
How to add a Booking Page to your store?
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There are few ways to add a Booking page in your store.

1. As a Product or Collection for Events and Appointments

2. Use Events Widget with Calendar

1. As a Product or Collection for Events and Appointments

Once you create any event or appointment in Servv app, you will see a “product" will be created automatically in your Shopify store. This product will be linked to your event or appointment. You can now customize your website and add this product anywhere you like in your website where customers can easily book the event.


Use a Collection

Additionally, you can create a collection under `Products->Collection->Create Collection` section and select "Manual" or "Automatic" collection type based on your requirements. For "Automatic", you can select a vendor id to different between different types of events e.g online events, inperson events, online appointments or recordings as shown in screenshot below:


2. Use Events Widget with Calendar

Servv also provides "Storefront Widget with Calendar” which allows you to display all events within one widget. The widget can be enabled on homepage or dedicated page within your site. The widget is only available for Events (Online, In-Person, LiveShopping etc). There is a separate widget for Appointments which is displayed within the Product page. The Appointments Widget has a date and time selection with Calendar.

First, you need to activate the Events widget under "Servv app->Widget->Event Widget" section. You will see two options for the widget. You can choose either "in-page" display or "pop-up" display for your widget.


This widget will automatically show all the upcoming events on your site homepage. Customers can easily book events through this widget.

Here is the view of the widget provided by Servv:


To add Events Widget to other pages within your site, please refer to this article:

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