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How to hide translation button from your event widget?
How to hide translation button from your event widget?
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1. Go to your Shopify's themes settings select -> Edit code


2. Search for Assets and create a new asset. You can name it anything you want and click on Add asset.


3. Paste this code into the asset you have created in previous step and press Save button.

.svv-plain-list-header-languages-selector-container {
   display: none !important;
.svv-plain-list-header-calendar-switch-container {
   left: 20px !important;
.svv-mobile-lang-selector-wrapper .svv-languages-selector {
   display: none !important;

4. Now, go to your theme.liquid file and press Ctrl + f/ command + f to search "stylesheet" as shown in the picture.


5. Copy the whole line of stylesheet_tag starting from '##{{' till '}}' and paste it anywhere you want. Then, change the name of it to the name you given to your newly created asset. Here it's "hide-translation.css" and press Save.


Here you can see translation button is removed.


NOTE: If you want to unhide the translation button just remove that single line of code from theme.liquid.

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