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How to create a virtual or online event?
How to create a virtual or online event?
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To create a virtual event, follow the steps below:

1. Connect your Paid Zoom account and Google account with Servv app. You can find these two options under "Integrations"


2. After connecting both the accounts, you can easily create a new virtual or online event by clicking on the option "Create" on the top right under "Products". Next, select the option "Online Event" from the panel.

3. Create Online Event panel will open, you need to enter following details:

  1. Topic: Title of an event

  2. Time Zone: Time Zone of the location where event is created

  3. Schedule: Date and Time when event will take place

  4. Duration: For how long the event will take place

  5. Password (optional): For only authorized people to join the event, put password for the event

  6. Add to Google Calendar: Add the event to google calendar for the reminder

  7. Description: Details of the event

  8. Guests List: Name and email address of the invitees

4. Optionally, you can override default Zoom event settings as per requirement while you are creating the event. Following settings have been provided:

  1. Meeting ID: To start meeting either use randomly generated ID or your personal meeting ID

  2. Video: Enable or disable the host or participants video

  3. Audio: Use Telephone audio, Computer audio or both during the event

  4. Enable join before host: Enable attendees to enter your meeting room before you start meeting

  5. Enable waiting room: Enable attendees to wait before you allow them to enter your meeting room

  6. Automatically record meeting on computer: Enable your computer to automatically record the event in your computer

5. Once you enter the event details and select the event settings, you can create the event by selecting "Submit" option in the bottom right of the panel. You will receive the notifications stating your meeting has been created and added to calendar.

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