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How to enable the Waiting List feature for Events on the Servv App?
How to enable the Waiting List feature for Events on the Servv App?
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Servv's Waiting List feature allows your customers to join an event even if it's sold out, in case slots become available, due to cancellations, or other reasons.
In order to use this feature, you can enable it in the event widget settings by following the steps given

1. Click on the Widget tab in the Servv Dashboard and then select the 'Event Widget' option.

Screenshot (1201).png

2. Once on the Event Widget page, you can scroll down to the bottom, to find the Waiting List option as shown below.

Screenshot (1203).png

Here you can toggle the Waiting List feature. Once a slot becomes available, the app will send an email reminder to the first person on the waiting list. You can customize how much time passes before the next person on the waiting list is sent a reminder, in case the slot remains open.

Once an event gets sold out, any customers that wish to join the waiting list can do so with ease. They have to follow the same steps as they do when buying a product. The 'Join Waiting List' button will then give the customer a small form, where they can fill in their name and email address, so that they can be notified if a spot opens up at the event.

Screenshot (1204).png
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