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How to add Questions to Events and Appointments
How to add Questions to Events and Appointments
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Servv Users can add Questions to Events and Appointments that their customers will then answer when booking.

This can be done in two ways, either directly on the event details screen or by creating Question Templates.

On the event details screen, you simply have to Enable Questions. This is done by creating the event first, and then clicking on the event in the dashboard.

Screenshot (1675).png

One you enable questions, you can then simply click on 'Add Question', and that allows you to add as many questions as you'd like. We offer 3 kinds of questions, Open-ended, Single Choice, and Multiple Choice.

Screenshot (1676).png

On selecting Single Choice or Multiple Choice, you can click on 'Add Variant' to add as many options as you'd like to offer.

Screenshot (1677).png

The other way to add questions is by using the question templates. You can access the Question Templates by going to the 'Template' section in the sidebar and then clicking on Questions at the top.

Screenshot (1678).png

Here, you can create or edit templates in the same manner as above, and then add them to your events by selecting the template name from the drop down list!

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